Dan Bilzerian could be the most iconic Instagram celebrity of the moment.


Just like many other American celebrities today, Dan doesn’t have that much talent. And just like many other celebrities, Dan has a lot of money to spend. But in contrast to the others, Bilzerian lives a much more exciting life.

In his 36 years on Earth, he has built a very renowned reputation as a king of Instagram. Dan Bilzerian has taken more out of life than someone who has lived for a century. After is carreer as a navy seal, Dan made a carreer in the world of poker before becoming a professional entertainer. Three heart attacks and several STD’s later, Bilzerian is still alive and kicking.

And with these activities, Dan lives his life to the fullest. Maybe Dan really does have a big talent besides growing a long beard: professional poker. According to Bilzerian himself, he managed to win around 50 million dollars with just poker. After he left the American military, poker was the only occupation that was able to give him some kind of rush.

Dan Bilzerian is also animal friendly. He has two cats called Smushball and Penelope. Dan also has two goats that he treats as any traditional pet. Bilzerian visits the gym three times a week, and completely according to his style, he is always accompanied by beautiful ladies. When you follow his Instagram, you’ll also find that he’s not shy of having dozens of beautiful girls following him around. Rumour has it though, that recently he has made his choice and settled for one special woman to spend his life with.

Bilzerian did have a few problems with the law a few times for aggressive and violent behaviour, including even being suspected of building a bomb of some kind. However, Bilzerian shows that he’s not afraid of any lawsuits and is ready to meet any procedure that comes on his path.

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