Chili Klaus gives ghost peppers to Danish boys choir, chaos ensues


This could be a way to spice up boring carol singers at Christmas. 

Danish musician and YouTube star Chili Klaus is a maverick who challenges people to eat some of the hottest chilis in the world and films them doing it. 

He recently tried it on an entire orchestra back in October, where he, along with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, ate Carolina Reaper,  TSMB and ghost peppers before performing the Tango Jalousie (conducted by Chili Klaus himself). The orchestra performance has attracted more than 4m views. 

In this latest skit involving Denmark’s Herning Boys Choir, the group sound wonderful during the chili-free part of the performance, until Chili Klaus gets them to stop and eat an entire ghost pepper.

After that the choir pretty much collapses: while the boys put in a solid effort to keep going, many of them are pictured turning red in the face and choking as they try to deal with the heat. Well, a million Scoville units will do that to you.

Impressively a few of the choir members look completely unperturbed and carry on belting out “O Come, All Ye Faithful”. 

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