Abuse, egg attacks, and a vandalised car — Nigel Farage says his life is ‘miserable’ after Brexit


Nigel Farage has bemoaned the state of his life after Brexit in a “soul-baring interview” with the Daily Mail.

The former UKIP leader told the newspaper that he has “a lot of aggro to deal with” after he helped spearhead the UK’s departure from the European Union in June last year.

Farage listed a catalogue of woes as part of the interview, claiming that the level of “aggression and unpleasantness” he experiences in London is “constant.” Farage said:

  • He can’t go to the pub without security.
  • He receives verbal abuse, has been egged, and had the bolts loosened on his car wheels.
  • His four children are also being abused and are easy targets because of their “very unusual surname.”
  • The MEP also repeated claims that he has been sent death threats.

Farage said he is “skint,” despite drawing a £89,700 salary from the work he does in Brussels. Farage also earns money from his broadcasting work for radio station LBC, as well as other interests.

Things have got so difficult, Farage considered moving to the US. “I have thought about the States. Life is easier over there, but I am very English. I like going to watch cricket at Lord’s. I like my walks on the North Downs (near his home in Kent). So, we’ll just have to see. It’s quite tough,” he said.

But he was defiant about the choices he has made, telling the Mail: “When I look back, I weigh everything up and think, ‘If I had the same choices would I do it again?’ Of course I would.”

Farage also spoke about the separation from his wife, Kirsten Farage, admitting that “when you’ve lived on the road out of a suitcase, year after year, fuelled by gin and adrenaline all sorts of things happen.”

He added: “Things in relationships often run their course and what can you do? Do you do what millions of people do and pretend it’s all OK for the rest of your life? There’s a lot of people doing that. They’re miserable too, aren’t they?”

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