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ProsecuteNewsCorp is our new campaign to hold Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp accountable for violating American laws, specifically the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which prohibits American companies and their employees from bribing foreign officials as part of their business. On July 11, 2011, we sent a letter to the FBI and SEC requesting that they conduct parallel civil and criminal investigations of News Corp in light of the phone hacking scandal in the UK.

This new campaign will have many action items and will link to the action items of other groups targeting News Corp.


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ProsecuteNewsCorp.Org has written a letter to AG Eric Holder requesting a broad civil and criminal investigation of News Corp under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Click here to sign the letter.

Center for American Progress- Who Is Rupert Murdoch? sticky icon

-By Judd Legum, Christy Harvey

July 16, 2004-In recent years, Australian-born billionaire Rupert Murdoch has used the U.S. government's increasingly lax media regulations to consolidate his hold over the media and wider political debate in America. Consider Murdoch's empire: According to Businessweek, "his satellites deliver TV programs in five continents, all but dominating Britain, Italy, and wide swaths of Asia and the Middle East. He publishes 175 newspapers, including the New York Post and The Times of London. In the U.S., he owns the Twentieth Century Fox Studio, Fox Network, and 35 TV stations that reach more than 40% of the country...His cable channels include fast-growing Fox News, and 19 regional sports channels. In all, as many as one in five American homes at any given time will be tuned into a show News Corp. either produced or delivered." But who is the real Rupert Murdoch? As this report shows, he is a far-right partisan who has used his empire explicitly to pull American political debate to the right. He is also an enabler of the oppressive tactics employed by dictatorial regimes, and a man who admits to having hidden money in tax havens. In short, there more to Rupert Murdoch than meets the eye.

Press Release: POE Offers $100,000 Reward sticky icon

ProtectOurElections.org Offers $100,000 Reward For Information Leading To The Arrest And Conviction Of News Corp Employees Who Hacked Or Bribed Americans

Watchdog Launches New Campaign ProsecuteNewsCorp.org

07.18.2011– Washington, DC- ProtectOurElections.org announced today that it is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of News Corp employees who hacked the phones of American citizens in the US, or bribed officials or others for information about Americans.

ProtectOurElections.org, an advocacy group dedicated to corporate and government accountability, is actively seeking whistleblowers and insiders who have personal knowledge of the illegal conduct and/or documents proving the illegal conduct. Tipsters can remain confidential and information can be sent to Tips@ProsecuteNewsCorp.com.

“News Corp and its top brass have engaged in an astonishing criminal enterprise in the UK.” said ProtectOurElections.org spokesman and attorney Kevin Zeese. “The investigation has now reached Rupert Murdoch’s inner sanctum and may not be limited to his UK operations.

Media Matters: News Corp. Puts Its Thumb On The Scale Of LA Elections

-By Ben DiMiero

March 5, 2013- News Corp. subsidiary News America Inc. has pumped a quarter million dollars into today's Board of Education elections in Los Angeles. Rupert Murdoch's corporation is not merely an interested onlooker in the elections; fellow News. Corp subsidiary Wireless Generation has a contract with the school district.

According to the Los Angeles Times, "a relatively small group of major donors" has given big last-minute financial support to a political action committee called the "Coalition for School Reform."  The PAC reportedly aims to help current Los Angeles schools superintendent John Deasy survive the elections by supporting board candidates that favor keeping him in the position.

Among the major donations listed by the Times are $250,000 from News Corp. subsidiary News America Inc. and an additional $25,000 from News Corp VP Joel Klein, who heads up Amplify, the corporation's education division. 

Politico: Rep. Ellison explodes on Fox News, calls Sean Hannity 'worst excuse for a journalist'

February 26, 2013- Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison attacked Fox News host Sean Hannity on-air tonight in what is surely one of the most explosive and contentious interviews between an anchor and a politician in recent history.

Rep. Ellison began the interview by calling Hannity "the worst excuse for a journalist I've ever seen." He went on to accuse Hannity of violating "every journalistic ethic I have ever heard of" and called him "a shill for the Republican Party."

Hannity calmly endured the attacks from the Minnesota congressman and tried in vain to assure him that he was not a registered Republican, but rather a registered conservative. He finally gave up and told Rep. Ellison to "keep ranting."

The congressman's remarks came after Hannity aired footage of President Obama giving two similar interviews about the looming effects of sequestration, set against a soundtrack of "O Fortuna," from the Carmina Burana. Hannity said the President was "more concerned with fearmongering than finding a solution to the problem he created."

NY Times: Six More Journalists Held in British Hacking Case

-By John F. Burns

February 13, 2013- LONDON — Adding momentum to police investigations that have already cost Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper empire in Britain hundreds of millions of dollars, Scotland Yard said Wednesday that six more journalists who previously worked for The News of the World were arrested at dawn on suspicion of hacking into cellphone messages.

The latest police swoop followed others in the past year that have resulted in the arrests of more than 100 reporters, editors, investigators, executives and public officials by police units investigating whether criminal activity occurred at British newspapers. Most of those have involved The Sun, Mr. Murdoch’s daily tabloid, and The News of the World, the highly profitable Sunday tabloid he shut down as the scandal broke in July 2011.

The Telegraph: 100 people arrested for hacking and corruption

The arrest of a police officer has brought to 100 the number of people arrested by detectives investigating hacking and corrupt payments to public officials.

February 12, 2013- The 50-year-old serving officer was held this morning under Operation Elveden, the investigation into alleged corrupt payments to public officials.

Scotland Yard confirmed that he is the 100th person to be held by officers working on either Operation Elveden, Weeting, relating to phone hacking, or Tuleta, an investigation into computer hacking.

The number of arrests shows how far the net has been spread since the investigations were revived in 2011.

The man, who is in the Territorial Policing command in a south London borough, was held at around 6am today at his home in Wimbledon, south-west London, on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.

Although there have been 106 arrests he becomes the 100th person arrested as some people, including Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks, and Stuart Kuttner, have been arrested under more than one investigation.

Of the 100 arrested 20 people have been charged and one person has been convicted.

Many of those arrested remain on police bail, some for over a year now, whilst others have been released and informed that no further action will be taken.

Huffington Post: 100 Arrests In News Corp. Scandal Over Phone, Computer Hacking, Corrupt Payments To Public Officials

February 12, 2013- A police officer arrested on Tuesday has become the 100th person arrested in relation to the investigations into News Corp.'s phone hacking, computer hacking and illegal payments to law enforcement.

The Telegraph reported Tuesday that the officer is wanted in connection to Operation Elveden — the investigation into bribes to public officials in exchange for information — and faces allegations of accepting £6,450 in corrupt payments from journalists.

He is the 60th arrest in Operation Elveden. There have been 26 arrests in the investigation into phone hacking at News Corp., and twenty in the probe into computer hacking. "Although there have been 106 arrests he becomes the 100th person arrested as some people, including Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks, and Stuart Kuttner, have been arrested under more than one investigation," The Telegraph reported.


Politcus USA: Obama’s Reelection is Literally Destroying Fox News

-By Jason Easley

February 9, 2013- President Obama’s reelection has had a devastating impact on Fox News. Ratings are down, viewer trust is at an all time low, and now the network is caught in the middle of a Republican civil war.

Republicans and right wing media have become fond of claiming that President Obama is out to destroy the Republican Party, but no other media organization has suffered greater damage from the president’s reelection than Fox News. But it wasn’t Obama that wounded Fox; rather, it was a series of absurdly poor decisions that left the network reeling.